Production Method

NOM 1522 | Amatitan, Jalisco

• 42% ABV / 84 Proof
• Deep rooted agaves / minimum 7-10 years
• Single Estate Agaves
• Brick Ovens
• Tahona Crushed
• Copper Pots
• Open Air Fermentation
• Deep Well Water/Natural Spring
• 100% Agave Sugars
• Double Distilled
• Non-additive flavoring

Tasting Notes

A delicious taste of smooth and complex with a distinct and traditional taste.
An ultra-smooth, yet complex inter woven flavors of citrus, butter, earth, cooked agave and volcanic stone. A perfect expression of the land of Jalisco – water, earth, land and agave fields. A long and deep taste of pure crisp and traditional, artisanal notes.